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Happy…and the Myth of “One More Thing”

Sometime back there was a landmark study conducted that tracked down, interviewed, and followed up on lottery winners. What the researchers discovered was that the typical lottery winner does experience, as expected, a rush of euphoria immediately after their good fortune. However, the ongoing effect was a surprise. The follow-up studies indicated that these same winners, over the long haul, were no more “happy” than people who hadn’t won…

Greatness…Through the Fire

God has fantastically designed these trees to survive what would kill most anything else. A fully-grown Giant Sequoia has the thickest bark of any tree on earth, measuring up to two feet thick. A forest fire will scar the mighty trees, but it won’t kill them.  Not only will they survive the flames, but through them will to reach a strength and majesty impossible any other way.  The longer I have live, the more I discover that the same thing is true of people…


Life in the Waiting Room

Reflecting back, I have not generally associated good times with Waiting Rooms.  The first Waiting Room I had significant experience with was the one right outside the Principal’s Office.  It was not a joyous place.  We little boys sitting there spoke very little to each other.  We avoided eye contact.  We hoped not to be noticed.  When your name was called and you were summoned back behind the door, good things rarely followed.  I learned early on in life not to like the Waiting Room…