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Monument to Magnificent Defeat

On the scenic foothills of the Alatoo Range in northern Kyrgyzstan there is a spot that looks up to the peaks of the towering Celestial Mountains, and down across the valley to the city of Bishkek. They have built there a great monument complex in that place. It’s name is Ata-Beyit, and there are three heartbreaking defeats that the Kyrgyz people remember together on that hill…


Practicing Positive Communication

We can hurt people by telling a lie, but we can also wound them in how we tell the truth. The specific words we choose and the way we convey them will strongly influence whether our content builds understanding or is just a selfish dumping ground. Research indicates that a majority of interpersonal communication is conveyed…

Right Place, Perfect Time

Jeremiah seemed incredibly unqualified, and his strategy was painfully simple, but God was up to something – igniting a spiritual flame that would sweep across a nation and change a million lives for eternity.  And in I tell you this story, just in case you feel too small, simple, tired, or discouraged to make a difference in your world…