Mike Fleischmann’s writing has been published around the world in publications such as Discipleship Journal, Leadership Journal, Focus on the Family’s Teachers In Focus, and Christian Reader.  Click on the links below for examples of Mike’s writing:

Transformational Living (Dedicated Journal – Corban University School of Ministry)
Honor Thy Predecessor (Leadership Journal)
Why I Didn’t Skip Church … (Leadership Journal)
Sacrificial Lamb Syndrome – Part One (Leadership Journal)
Sacrificial Lamb Syndrome – Part Two (Leadership Journal)
How Outsiders Find Faith (Leadership Journal)
7 Priorities that Guided Jesus’ Decisions (ChristianityToday.com)
Loved By His Son (Discipleship Journal)
Real Life Hope (Discipleship Journal)
A Place At His Table (Discipleship Journal)
Prayer Blockers (Discipleship Journal)